Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why Do I need to Hear God Speak Today (Part 2)

God is three in one, and as we grow in our Christian race, we believers will be able to differentiate who amongst the trinity is actually speaking to us, yes, just as you can differentiate the voice of your earthly father from that of your mother even without seeing their faces. Be that as it may, what is important is that God speaks, whether it is the father that speaks, the Lord Jesus, or the Holy Spirit.

By the way, this message is meant for born-gain Christians! Why? While it is evident that everyone can hear God, not everyone can know the secrets of God, and you know what? Secrets… which come in the form of instructions from God are vital to success! If the poorest man on earth has access to the kind of secrets that Bill Gates has, he is most likely not going to remain poor.

Last Sunday, I did not eat my first meal of the day until around 4pm, because I decided not to eat until I returned from church.  Church service ended around 1pm, but my family and I went to a few other places, and finally arrived home at about 3.45pm. It was time for me to choose what to eat from what is available in our house. Suddenly, I remembered that there was a small portion of pounded yam wrapped in a transparent zipper bag placed in the fridge. Pronto, I decided to eat this with a mixture of Fluted pumpkin and spinach leaves soup. In the process of warming the food, I saw something like a vision (in a brief flash) showing me that the pounded yam was divided into two.  In my heart I said, ‘’what??? This food is just enough amount of food that my 10-year old daughter will eat.  God, are you saying I am not permitted to finish this food?’’  As I was making up my mind to eat the whole portion, not being really sure if God was talking to me, the Holy Ghost said to me… ‘be not disobedient to the heavenly vision’. I had to divide the pounded yam into two, eat a portion and my wife also opted to eat the other half, and returned the rice she had earlier thought of eating.

An incident happened not long ago in the sub-division where I live. A Christian woman was about setting out on a trip to somewhere known to her. The Holy Spirit whispered to her not to go to where she meant to go. She ignored the voice that spoke to her and set on her journey. Along the way on her way driving, when she finally decided to obey the Lord and make a turn at a junction to return home, it was too late!  She crashed into another car while making the turn. She had collided with the car driven by another Christian sister that lives in her suburb. As soon as she got out of her vehicle, she started to confess her regrets…’how I wish I obeyed the Lord, the Holy Spirit told me not to set on this journey’.  

There are people who set on journeys that are not meant for them, and they end up dying the death they are not meant to die. Look around you and you will find so many examples of these.  Perhaps it’s because of the favor/contract that that minister awarded to you that informed your decision to travel to his party at all cost despite being warned of God not to go. The dog that refuses to hear the whistle of the hunter will certainly get lost. He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul (Proverbs 15:32).  

If reaching heaven is your goal, I think your ability to hear when God speaks to you is directly proportional to whether or not you will make heaven. Heresy????

Mathew 19:16-22 tells the story of a young rich man who was bold enough to declare that he keeps all the commandments of God. Who would have thought that this brother has made an idol of his riches despite being a keeper of God's laws? Thank God he asked in verse 20 'what lack I yet?'...and he was informed.

What is the next area of your life you need to deal with? Excuse me sir, I don't know!

Only your maker knows your weak points! You need to revert to him so he can show you what areas you still need to work on so you can be perfect and ready to enter heaven.

I tell you brethren, if you would be perfect, God must be able to interrupt you. He must be able to change your decision about the clothes you wear, about the job you do`, and about the places you go to; the Lord must be able to put a comma and a full stop to the events that you have determined to execute.