Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Do I Need to Hear God Speak (part 1)?

I write unto you not to brag about how often I hear God, but to be able to help you and I grow in our understanding of how we can better hear the Lord, so that we will be better Christians. Men don’t desire what they don’t value. I want to first whet your appetite by making you to see a few reasons why you need to hear God speak.

To succeed in spiritual warfare, you certainly need to be able to hear God speak. There is a warfare going on concerning your life, and you need to know this! The King James Bible in 1Peter 2:11 admonishes us to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul. Friends, there is a war against your soul… and there is no discharge in that war…until Jesus comes. Who are the people that have power to fight and succeed in this war? They are the people who have genuinely given their lives to Jesus Christ (those folks you call the Born-again Christians). Why is this so? No man goes to warfare at his own charges (1Corinthians 9:7). Just like in the physical, no man can go on his own to fight a war for his country of origin. No matter how intelligent, and capable you are, you can’t wake up one day and decide to go to the war that your country is presently fighting in, you must be commissioned by the authorities in your country to fight in the war. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, everyday is fully loaded with evil, and it will take supernatural guidance to escape all the evil of a single day. Know of a surety that you are fighting against the devil that has probably prevailed against our fore-fathers, and he can postulate what your next move is likely going to be. Therefore you need God’s help to overpower this enemy of your soul (Deuteronomy 33:27).

To go to war, the one that is sending you there must equip you to fight, and after he has done that, you as a soldier must be wise enough to pick the right ammunition to fight in the warfare. Only a foolish soldier will go to war with an F-2000 Assault Rifle when his opponent is using a nuclear weapon! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds says the Bible in 2 Corinthians 10:4. So, God has given you weapons, but how do you know the one to use each time? You need to hear from your master! People who have been in deliverance ministry will tell you how important it is for them to hear the Holy Spirit whisper to them what they need to do to get the desired result. You also need the same, at least to succeed in the deadly warfare against your soul!

Give us examples Bro. Yinka. Please turn with me if you will, to read Luke chapter 13, verses 1 to 5. You will discover that Pilate mingled the blood of some Galileans with sacrifices and that the tower in Siloam fell and killed 18 people. Tell me, if those Galileans knew of Pilate’s plot to kill them, will they stay around? If those 18 people killed by the tower knew that the tower will fall, will they still stay under it? No, they won’t! Friends, you have long enough dwelt in the region of allowing time and chances to dictate what happens to you… move on with the Lord.

The Yoruba’s have an adage that says ‘A kii duro si inu ile eni, ki a f’orun ro’ (literarily meaning that you can’t be in your house and be in danger; but am sure you know that this concept is not true. Haven’t you heard of an airplane crashing into people’s house while they are in it? Haven’t you heard of someone being swallowed up alive by his house caving into mother earth?  You don’t have to be a genius to escape the evil of every passing day, all you have to be is a person that hears God.

A woman of God once shared how God delivered her from being burnt alive in her own house while sleeping, because the Lord who knew the house was going to get burnt while she would be sleeping forewarned her not to go into the house to sleep. I have earlier shared this particular link.

I am serious about this issue, friends you need to hear from God! You need to know what exactly God wants you to do now, and then do just that. Blessings.