Friday, July 19, 2013


You have been packaged for success.  When God designed you, he designed you to succeed.  Everything about you is about succeeding.  There is no failure in the testimony of God for your life.  There is no failure in the programme of God for your destiny.

From the beginning of your life, everything about you was to succeed.  Over 20 million sperms swam into your mother’s womb; you were the only one who won.  Tell me, how can you call yourself a loser when from the beginning of your race in life you began to win?  You began well, you will finish well!  The man traveling by Torch light and the one with Halogen lamp, their speed is not the same.

You’ve got to understand that things work by law.  Men call some things LAW, God just calls them principles.  For example, there is the Archimedes law of floatation (If you put anything that has volume in water, it will float; if it doesn’t have volume, it will sink).  There is the law of gravity (anything that goes up must come down).  There is the law of motion in physics; no matter how good the design of a car is, when you apply brake, it doesn’t stop immediately, it must still move forward.  There are some laws also that govern breakthroughs.  After you’ve been prayed for, you’ve got to recognize certain laws which God has established in His word, and as you recognize those laws and apply them, you are bound to fly high above the sky.

What you don’t recognize does not work you.  In the book of 2 Kings Chapter 4, we have the story of a woman who was in an incredible debt.  Her husband was a pastor of that kind of church of 50 years ago.  It was the church where the members pray, ‘Lord keep our pastor humble, we will keep him poor’.  In the case of this man, that prayer was answered, he was so broke, and he left his family in debt.  Now, that’s the worse thing you can do to your family, because the Bible says, ‘A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children (Prov. 13:22), he left indebtedness.

That woman (the wife of this prophet/pastor) cried out to Elisha saying, ‘thy servant my husband is dead; thou knowest that thy servant did fear the Lord?  The creditor is coming to take my 2 sons to be slaves’.  So Elisha said to her ‘what shall I do for thee?  Tell me, what hast thou in the house?  And she said, thine handmaid hath not anything in the house, save a pot of oil… and so on, you know the rest of the story.  But the key thing I want to show you there is the question Elisha asked her … what do you have in your house?  I tell you, the connection to your destiny is already in your life.  Many people travel abroad looking for greener pastures only to discover that a lizard in Lagos cannot become a crocodile in London.  My friend, you need to recognize the Anointing God has already placed on your life.  These are the Anointing within, the anointing upon you, and the anointing for exploits.  The anointing within is supposed to take you into your destiny.

Oh, many of you are already in the place of your blessing, but you’re overlooking it.  You’re overlooking the things God is showing you.  Please don’t say there’s no money in your country, it’s so abundant, and it’s everywhere.

Every problem in this world is intended to create a breakthrough.  If your hair grows, someone has to cut it – that’s breakthrough, that’s money for someone. Somebody needs something somewhere, you have access to that thing, that’s breakthrough for you.  You therefore need to understand the law of recognition for you to enter the breakthrough of your business.  You must recognize the things God has put around you, the blessing God is giving to you, and the anointing in the church you belong to, so you can fully enter into the realm of God’s calling for your life.

Whatever becomes familiar becomes common.  There are men who are married to great wives, but they don’t see anything in her.  You need to recognize the potentials God has given you.

Some of you would likely say ‘gone are the 80’s when your country was fine’, but I’d like to reply that there are better things now in your country, oh yes more blessing in your country now than 20 years ago.  It’s all a matter of recognition.

Two brothers died a many years back in England at the age of 75, in penury, because, 3 years to their death they discovered that the mountain upon which they had farmed all their lives (for which they even refused mechanized farming) contain Gold.  The mountain, upon which they had farmed all their lives until they were 72 and 74 respectively, was full of gold!  They were so committed to this poor farming, they never married.  So there’s no one to inherit it, and by law, the land goes back to the government … because it has become common land, since the dead owners had no relations.  I emphasize brethren, whatever becomes familiar becomes common.  Apply the law of recognition to your situation; don’t go somewhere to look for your gold when your miracle is in your backyard!

I heard a story of a couple in America who badly wanted to be gold miners; they sold their house that was on a little farm and went to Europe looking for how to be part of gold-mining or gold-selling.  They became broke, busted and disgusted.  They just finally managed to raise some money and bought ticket to fly back to America only to find that, the farmland they sold was now the 2nd largest gold-mining place in the whole of USA.  Oh, you need to understand the law of recognition!  Is there a miracle in your son and you haven’t seen it?  Is there a miracle in your wife and you’ve been putting him down all these days, and so the man does not even believe in himself anymore because all you’ve been telling him is … you’re junk! You’re rubbish! You’re nothing! And when he says ‘God will do it’ you snap ‘He better does it on time!’

The man of God said ‘what do you have in your house?  (2 King4: 2)… because it’s got to start with your locality!  When you begin to recognize yourself you’d pray … Lord, why am I here?  Why did you plant me in this country?

The first thing you need to recognize is your own gifting.  What are you called to do?  What are you anointed for?  There are people who are studying to be medical doctors, but they are great in fashion designing.  Don’t laugh at them; because you need Education for Foundation, you need your gifting for your destiny.  Your gifting and your destiny are tied together.  Don’t throw away your gift because your mummy doesn’t want you to do it!  You must recognize your dominant gift.  What do you love to do?  What is natural with you?  That’s the thing about business, there are some people who should not put things out to sell … they’re so kind-hearted, they’ll give it all out.  They’re not called to sell and they want to sell.  And there are some people who will sell everything out on credit, and when the day of reckoning comes … they can’t find their capital and interest.  What is your dominant gift?

There are some people who are gifted with paintings.  There are some people who are gifted to do great things.  One of the biggest businesses in Europe and America is called DISNEY LAND and DISNEY WORLD.  It happened as a result of sacking a man who likes to draw cartoon.  And that is how he drew a duck and a mouse that all kids want to go and watch.  And today it’s a 42-billion dollar business.  May you find where your destiny is tied to!  And when you find it, may you operate in it without failure and may God lift you up through it.

You’ve got to recognize God’s voice!  Jesus said ‘my sheep hear my voice and I know them’ (Jn 10: 27), the voice of another they will not obey.  You need to know God’s voice, so, when God is telling you to do something you can do it.  Many times when God speaks, in the natural, it’s absolutely ridiculous.  But God knows how to bring out the miraculous out of ridiculous.  In fact, every of the miracles in the Bible are ‘the Miraculous out of ridiculous’.

He said to Moses … point your rod to the sea (Ex. 14:16).  How can that make a sea to part?  That’s RIDICULOUS becoming MIRACULOUS.  Recognize the voice of God.  If God tells you to empty your pockets into the offering bags of you church, don’t begin to call a debating society.  Such a time is the time to obey God … and sow yourself out of problems; sow yourself out of lack, and out of difficulty.

God wants to speak to you.  When you’re in a church where the Holy Spirit is allowed to operate unhindered, even if your pastor is telling a joke, there may be a revelation in it.

A crippled man came to the meeting of a man of God called George Jeffery.  And the man of God began to laugh and the crippled man began to stretch … until the laughter of the man provoked his healing.

Recognize also the voice of the enemy, because he will want to make you waste what God has given you.  He will want to make you waste the blessings of the Lord, and your time.  He hates you, he hates your destiny.  But we know that we’ll win at last!  We are the only armies who have been guaranteed to win.  Before the battle began we were declared winner ... for he saith … now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ Jesus … and that we are more than conquerors through him that loved us (2 Cor. 2:14; Rom. 8:37). Listen to me, before I was born, that verse was in the Bible.  The day I got born-again it became applicable to my life.  So everyday I’m a conqueror, I am a winner … and no one can take it from me.  If anything happens and there’s a pushing back, that’s okay, it simply means you’re going in the right direction … and the enemy is fighting … you go on!  You’re going to win at last. Why didn’t God give Rueben what he gave Joseph?  Why didn’t God give Judah?  Because if it were Judah that was thrown into the pit, sold to his cousins, then sold to his enemies … when he becomes wealthy he knows what he’s going to do.  He would kill all of his brothers.  God gave the breakthrough to the man who can forgive his enemies.

Then you’ve got to recognize a deliverer when you see one.  The woman in 2 Kings Chapter 4 recognized a deliverer in Elisha.  She knew that this man is different.  Elijah performed 7 miracles, Elisha did 14! So she knew he is different.  She’s seen all manners of miraculous exploits for God, open doors and favours that are absolutely ridiculous.  She knew where to go.  You too must recognize deliverers when God sends them to you.  Because your deliverance may come in a shape you never expected.

Naaman was sick, but God sent him a little girl (2 Kings 5).  Somebody will come to you and will expose you to a favour, which in the natural you do not deserve, but God had packaged it for you.  Recognize it!  A deliverer may only speak words into your life; and a deliverer may be in a book.  I don’t need to go 30 years through the experience certain people have gone through to learn the things they have learnt.  I just buy his book and … in few hours I’m through. When you need a legal deliverer, don’t read legal books.  Friends, go to a lawyer! A man of God some years back had the cause to go to a court in London.  His church was opening bookstores all over London, and some squatters went into their bookstore.  One cannot just go and throw out people who occupied their building; you have to go to court.  So he went and sat down and in the process witnessed the case of a man being heard … as follows:

The man bought his house on mortgage, he did not pay and so they wanted to take his house back.  Now he’s read some legal books … and so, he continues to argue on his behalf in front of the judge.  The building society got the best barristers in town while this man who read 4 pages of ‘Joseph versus Kamaru’s case stood to argue his case.  When the barrister finished him, his leg was shaking out of the place. You need to recognize your deliverer. When you want to start a business, if you need legal counsel, go to a legal counselor.  Pay them the amount they ask for.  Don’t look for cheap ‘charge and bail’ lawyers!  Are you listening! If you need a financial deliverer, in person of a financial analyst to tell you what profit you should expect, and how you should manage your business...… as you trust in the Lord.  You should know who to go to.

You’ve got to recognize your own weakness.  Every man has a point where it is not his strength.  He may not call it weakness.  Know your points of weakness!  If you know you can’t keep money with yourself, you’d buy things; put it where it should be.  Recognize and stay away from the points of your weakness.  When you recognize your weakness, then it does not make you fail anymore.

You’ve got to recognize God-sent mentors, people whom God has packaged to take you from where you are to where you ought to be.  Recognize them, get everything about them, observe, watch, and look at them.  Look at their moves … why are they doing that?  Why is he doing that right now?  You must recognize why they’re doing that thing in that way, and then learn from it.

Look at the people in the same business you’re doing, and learn from their strength and their weakness; so you can be better.  God has surrounded you with mentors.  Your life started with mentors.  Your parents were your mentors, after which God delivered you into the hand of your teachers.  After your teachers, you’ve been in the house of God.  God has been giving you people along the way to prepare you, programme you, to take you somewhere. When you need a financial mentor, you’d find that there are people who have written on prosperity and how to operate in the covenant of God.  You’ve got to recognize your mentor when you see one.  And listen, your mentor is going to do things; ---- he’s going to shout, because he sees your future, not today.  Your friends will say you’re doing well your mentor will say it’s not yet enough. But, if you want to go where God wants you to go, you’re to be ready to recognize the privilege you have, and don’t take it for granted.

You’ve got to recognize your vision in life, and stay in it.  What exactly is your vision?  What has God called you to be and to do?  You will be beautiful for your situation if you will just stay in your vision.  Many people are just copycats just as the 7 sons of Sceva thought that if Paul was anointed, 7 of them would surpass him --- and so went and opened a deliverance ministry after the order of Paul (Acts 19:13-16).  They failed!  But, everything you lay your hands on would prosper.  Just recognize your vision.  Your vision is what makes you unique.  It is the fingerprint of your life.  Forensic scientists tell us that nobody has your fingerprints.  Nobody else!  Similarly, nobody else has your eyeballs.  If they take the photograph of your eyes with special machines, there are lines in your eyes, which nobody else has.  How won’t you win?  You were packaged from the beginning to be original – don’t be anybody’s !!!

Listen, as soon as you recognize these principles listed, and apply them in your business and you obey the Lord, and you are diligent --- you will succeed.  Don’t look at the situation in your country. Even in the midst of farming, Isaac had maximum yield (100%).  For seed he sowed, he had a harvest.  The Lord rebukes wastage in your life today!

You’ve got to recognize opportunities.  Oh how God had given many people opportunities, but they don’t know the law of recognition.  When Bill Clinton got to Ghana he told them that if today people see him go to church every Sunday and now beginning to give his life in practicing Christianity, it was because of a Ghanaian woman who was the child – minder for his daughter.  When Bill and his wife (both of them Lawyers) and also a governor, before he became president, he employed this Ghanaian charismatic praying Pentecostal woman, who was not afraid when she recognized opportunities.  She did not know Bill would be president until one day God showed her in a vision. She came and said ‘Bill Clinton, you are governor of this nation, but God showed me tonight, that you’re going to be president of this Nation’. So when he then flew to her country and he landed, of all the things he said; he said, ‘I’m now a president because … by the grace of God, a Ghanaian woman prophesied into my life, that one day I shall be the president of the greatest nation on earth’. My friend, God must have given you certain opportunities, what have you done with them?  Right after, the woman lived in the president’s house (no longer manning his daughter who’s then in the University) but he said to her – you prophesied my destiny, I will make the best for you.

Oh, the law of reckoning!  What you don’t recognize may pass you by; it may slip out of your hands.  That’s why you find one key thing about Solomon was that he was particular about those who came around him.  Only those who will bless him, and those he can bless.  And you find the Queen of Sheba who knew the law of opportunity; when she was in the presence of Solomon, she said ‘teach me more’. And she took what she learnt back home. So that before the whites got to Ethiopia, Christianity was there.  May you recognize opportunity when it comes your way.  Even if it comes in the forms of trouble, God will show you the end of it, and the end of it will be good, favour and success for you in Jesus name.

Jehoshaphat received a letter.  3 Kings ganged up to fight him.  He took the letter to God – and God ordered him to form a choir and go to the valley of battle --- and see what he would do on their behalf (2 Chro.20).  When they got there, they found out that it wasn’t the valley of battle but the valley of Berachah (in Hebrew) --- which means blessings, opportunities, open doors.  I tell you in the place Satan says he will fight you, you will become a winner there!

Recognize brethren the laws God has put around you that are intended to lift you to greater heights --- and every trap of Satan will become your source of triumph, in Jesus Name.

This message was preached by Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London, and was transcribed by Bro. Yinka Adeyemo.

All Scriptures are from the King James Version of the Bible