Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let him that has an hear listen to what the Holy Ghost Says

........I found it NECESSARY to write to you exhorting you TO CONTEND ERNESTLY FOR THE FAITH which was once for all delivered to the saints. For CERTAIN MEN (MINSTERS REALLY) HAVE CREPT IN UNNOTICED who long ago were marked out for this condemnation (judgment) UNGODLY MEN, (this means they bear the name that they belong to God but don't behave like God in their character though they may BE HEAVILY ANOINTED !) who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and DENY the only Lord God (that is they DON'T ACCEPT THE WORD AS SUPREME AND LORD) AND our Lord Jesus Christ. Jude 3-4 NKJV

We are in dire and desperate times spiritually Isaiah 60:1-2 and Satan knows his time is getting shorter and shorter ( Rev 12:12). He is not one to take things lying down; he is attacking humanity with ALL HE HAS! We know he has the copyright to evil but if someone has the INSANE BOLDNESS to take on the Most High, you can't say that person is a Coward! Mad, deceived, yes but lacking courage NO! He is a master strategist and operates UNDER COVER. That is why his other title is DECEIVER, Rev 12:9. What that means is that he uses deceit to operate. Breaking that down further means when he is destroying a man, the man will NOT KNOW, the victim will think all is well until eventually manifestation will just emerge. This might be failure, frustration, perplexity or EVEN DEATH. The Lord talked about being a two fold child of hell Matt 23:15, so there are degrees of hatred that Satan has for people. First level is just natural human beings; he hated them the least BECAUSE THEY ARE NO THREAT TO HIM, next level is saints (GENUINELY born again children of the kingdom). One is not born again just because one came out and said the salvation prayer. Countless who said that will still NOT MAKE IT to heaven. How can I be sure someone asked? The evidence of genuine salvation is A CHANGED LIFESTYLE (2Corin 5:17). Which class does Satan hate the MOST? Read on.

The devil is attacking and undermining the faith BOTH FROM OUTSIDE AND INSIDE at the same time! So one looks at the world, everything has gone UPSIDE DOWN. In the 60s, if you declared you were homosexual, you will be locked up in an asylum! Now I just read about a 'couple' where the 'man' was born a woman and the 'woman' was born a man! The satanic strategy is TO WEAR THE SPIRITUAL SAINT OUT! How can Elijah run from Jezebel after causing single handedly a national revival! 1King 19:4 He said 'it is enough. He was worn out by the demonic onslaught. One comes to the church for spiritual comfort and solace what do we see in MANY CHURCHES? Abomination in the holy place( Matt 24:15) You look to leaders and fathers and your heart sinks! God has told me twice now " that that one, leave him, ALL he is going to do in your life and ministry he has done, he can't TAKE you further. I know of many ministers who are stuck with fathers that used to be connected to the vine but ARE NO MORE (1Tim4:1)! Such don't know WHEN TO GET OFF. The Lord said once you begin to see abomination in the Holy place, DON'T EVEN PACK YOUR STUFF, RUN Matt 24:15-20. I asked why? He replied that for an abomination to appear in the sacred place in church, the altar MUST HAVE SWITCHED CONNECTION a long time ago, only people were NOT AWARE! What does all that mean? by the time a person receives a brand new handset from a provider and starts making calls, a lot had gone way before. Payment has been made, credit check done and contract signed. This is for the UK. So when you are in a church and you see a BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE WORD (that is an abomination) especially in the leadership, POWER HAS CHANGED HANDS IN THE NEGATIVE DIRECTION!

Because lawlessness is increased, MOST people's love will GROW COLD (Matt 24:12 American standard version).

This is the time to CONTEND FOR OUR FAITH Jude 3. Satan wants us to be overwhelmed by all this iniquity abounding. WE MUST STAND UP FOR OUR GOD. "Am I saying jump up on your desk with a placard saying give your life to Christ or you're toast" NO! NO!! NO!!! You start contending for the faith BY LIVING IT! Daniel purposed to stand his ground in an alien environment and contend for his faith Dan1:8-9. It was his determination that attracted the other three who joined him later. So in your office and school when the issue of whether being gay is right or wrong is raised, don't JUST SIT THERE and pretend all is well in your generation, SPEAK UP FOR YOUR GOD! Am I saying with eyes blazing, foam coming out of your mouth and at the top of your voice start ranting and raining curses on Cameron and Obama because of their stance, No!!! Cool and calmly declare the love of God for all including gay, transgender and say what the bible says. So "what do you believe some ask? I believe the Bible and show them. But the bible was silent on slavery and God said the Israelites should kill people, children and all. Let them know there are some things that you don't understand about the Bible but this one is clear both in old and New Testament, being gay is not of God. Gen 19, Rom 1:26-28, 1Corin6:9. Our job is NOT TO CONVERT anyone, WE DIDN'T even convert ourselves! Share your testimony and declare the word FIRSTLY in your lifestyle and then with your mouth. Leave the rest to God, WHEN WE DO OUR BIT, HE WILL DO HIS.



Part 2

That is, that I may BE ENCOURAGED together with you while among you, each of us by the other's faith (Rom 1:12 ASV).

That was the great Apostle saying he wanted to visit the saints in Rome so that they can encourage themselves! This is the greatest Christian after the Lord Himself; this chap was used by the Holy Spirit to write two thirds of the New Testament!   Yet he was talking about being encouraged by his spiritual children. To survive this onslaught of Satan we must firstly cleave to our God in the WORD FIRST and then prayers. That is one of the errors in African based Pentecostal churches. Instead of emphasizing this divine order, WE HAVE REVERSED IT. We pray so much at THE EXPENSE OF THE WORD and the result is that the 'prayers' don't work as real prayer MUST BE WORD LOADED. Real prayer is "He has said (the Word) so we may say (prayer) Heb 13:5-6. If the Word is not emphasized, PEOPLE WOULDN'T DO IT, not because they are illiterate and can't read but because the subtle error is that Minister by constantly emphasizing prayer invariably say the word is NOT THAT IMPORTANT and this error is sealed when Minister contravene the word openly and STAY SILENT AND NEVER PREACH ON THAT ISSUE. So the 'message' people hear is if the word hits me where it is really uncomfortable' I just LEAVE THAT PART OF THE BIBLE, God understands, YES, HE DOES, He know YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS WITH HIM! NO ONE can get the best of God if such REFUSE TO LET Him deal with his issues. We would never have heard of Abraham if anytime God wanted to tell him to sacrifice his one and only son, he kept PRETENDING as if God wasn't speaking! GOD IS NOT A FOOL! He really begins to see us as FUNCTIONALLY HIS, when with tears, sweat and sometimes blood Luke22:41-46, we put off our 'church mask' and say OK OK OK Lord, no more struggling and playing church games, I need your help. It is only those who accept the divine pruning and cutting that he considers to be His own. He calls some born again saints bastards! Heresy!!! Yea, Read Heb 12:5-8, 2Tim 2:19. Both letters were written to saints. The standard is not low like many think (1Pet 4:17-18).

After maintaining our communion with God, we must fellowship with saints of like mind. After the Apostles were threatened by the authority in Acts4:21-23, they went to THEIR COMPANY; that is, those who believed in standing up for their faith. One is not going to last long if one hangs around people who DON'T REALLY BELEIVE THE BIBLE. How do you know Christians like that? What one really believes is not seen in WHAT ONE PREACHES or the books one writes. The Lord Himself gave us the acid test. WHAT YOU DO IS WHAT YOU REALLY BELEIVE! Matt 7:15-20. That was Elijah's mistake, Obadiah told him he hid 100 prophets in the cave from Jezebel, he (Elijah) didn't seek them out for encouragement, he was a one man army so at his low moment, he had no one. So he started lamenting to God, that he was the only one left 1King 18:1-4, 22.19:10. Depression blinds, he forgot what Obadiah told him! I have my company, when I call or we meet, we are on the same page! Any abomination we see in ourselves or the church we NAME AS IT IS, it is an abomination, and it’s contrary to the word. We encourage ourselves because THE COMPROMISE IN OUR GENERATION IS ALMOST OVERWHELMING IF NOT FOR GOD! Seek out your company. In my company, men's words are NOT LAW! THE BIBLE IS. We hold ourselves accountable. Do you have a company?

Message preached and transcribed by Pastor Adekunle Raji, of the Rhema Voice outreach ministry, London, United Kingdom