Saturday, May 25, 2013

                    YOU NEED TO HEAR GOD SPEAK TODAY

Oh lord speak to me, I need to hear from you. Show me what next to do! The scripture says ‘the stock in heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the Judgment of the Lord’ (Jer 8:7). Now what is this Judgment that is being referred to? It is the opinion God gives you on the subject matter. It is God’s view expressed to you at the point in time.

Oh yes, it is the secrets of God made available to you as a child of His… Because to every purpose there is a time and Judgment, therefore the misery of man is great upon him (Eccl.8: 6-7).

If you read John chapter 2, verses 1 to 5, you’d discover that there was no wine in a marriage feast. And we’re told that Jesus made water wine. But before that, the mother said something, which is significant in these last days. She said ‘whatsoever he saith unto you, do it’ (Jn.2: 5). But how about if you don’t hear anything to do? Suppose you don’t hear anything! If you don’t hear anything, and you are just doing anything, it will not work in the next few years.

Because God is becoming much more sharp in making sure that his children obey His commandments, and that they listen to Him every time. Look through the church, you’d find that in the church, not too many people listen to the voice of the Lord. They just go on! Any business, any friend, anywhere, anyhow, anytime, anyplace; but let me tell you that that has come and is terminating because God wants a people that hears his voice and obey.

Listen to me, you can no longer remain careless… to do what you want, to go where you will want, it’s not possible! You need the guidance of God in everything that you do. And I believe God is zeroing in on this factor in the church. Not just to memorize Bible; not just to follow ‘well, this is what they teach in our church’; but to also be able to get to such a place that you’re not taking a wrong step in your life tomorrow morning. Now, there are a lot of things that the church does, but many of them are many times not approved by the Holy Spirit. No matter how the pastors and the elders colour it in their languages; very soon they’ll soon find out that this project won’t work. Why? Because it is not of God!

Listen to me; this world is too big for the best genius to be able to locate his way… that’s why you need supernatural guidance. Why don’t you begin from now to seek the judgment of the Lord in all you do? You need to hear his voice. You need to understand the mind of the spirit. You need to know what he wants done Now.

What is his heartbeat now? What does he want you as a believer to do about your current problem that has no verse and no scripture for reference? How about the question you are asking that has no teaching that is already given you in the church? How do you answer the question that you are asked in the street? How do you contextualize the word of God to an unbeliever you have never met before? The solution(s) to the entire problems men encounter in life are embedded in the judgments of God. And I tell you these judgments most times are not readily available… they are exclusively secret things which only the Almighty reserves the right to keep… and you, through desire and earnest delight in His counsels can find out (Ps.111:2).

Secrets are very vital to success. Every outstanding business has its trade secrets. So every outstanding Christian must necessarily possess covenant secrets… because, wisdom is better than strength; wisdom is better than weapons of war (Eccl. 9:16,18). And what is wisdom? …. Whosoever heareth these saying of God, and doeth them… (Matt. 7:24). So how much of those sayings you have and how much of those saying you put to work determines how high you fly. God said my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…not for plenty of devils (Hos. 4:6). There is no witch that is against you, it is ignorance that is tormenting you. Remember, there is no mountain anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his mountain. It is not time and chance that is happening to you, it is ignorance and darkness. That’s why you need God to lighten up your darkness.


2.   Why do you need to hear God?

Behind the distinction of the end time church is vision. And what is vision? Vision is the delivery of divine plan as it relates to you. When pursued, it becomes your ministry…that is, standing in the place where God has put you. And that is not just preaching. It occurs in diversities of businesses, careers, vocations and callings. In a calling, there is a future, and that explains the reason why you need to seek God to find your own. May God’s great vision for your life become plain today. The word says ‘they shall walk everyone in his path ... they shall march everyone on his way, and they shall not break their ranks…and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded’ (Joel 2:8,7), that means, they shall be invincible. They shall be too strong to be defeated…by reason of vision in which they are walking.

The earlier you locate your place the faster your colour is restored. Locate God’s way for you. You are not a creature of chance; your manufacturer designed you for a purpose, the earlier you discover that purpose the better for you. This is one vital secret to your own place in this super-success army. Visions are parts of the outpourings of the end-time to locate each one in God’s great army. God has a path and a way for you, locate it. I tell you, your destiny is tied to God’s purpose for you.

      Thank God for education, thank God for training, thank God for intellectualism, thank God for exposures; oh yes, thank God for every connections you have; but nothing compares with vision in value. The colour of your destiny is tied to the vision of God for your life. Scripture says …the land before them shall be like the Garden of Eden (Joel 2:3). And I say, God wants to take you out of the wilderness to the garden from where man was driven away. I mean, back to the garden of supplies, the garden of splendor, the garden of fulfillment, the garden of dominion, back to the garden of honour and glory. When? When you locate his way and abide in His path for you.

      Without vision you’d just be a struggling Christian. You’ll just be struggling…for who is he that speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord commanded it not (Lam.3: 37). Many have been enslaved by their occupation. Others have been enslaved by their education. Some have been camped by their certificates. Until you locate God’s will for you, you do not matter much in this kingdom. God is not a thoughtless God, he has a purpose in mind for you; you must find it (Jer.29: 11). Your future is tied to your discovery of God’s plan. God has a plan!

       There are many of us today that will excel in one area of business. Until you find that area of business, you would keep struggling. Business is just not business; ministry is not just ministry, there are different kinds. Oral Robert has never pastored a church. Kenneth Hagins never founded a church  (RHEMA church is Ken. Junior’s ministry), and do you know that Hagins has not stopped traveling, ministering up till now?

        I tell you, we have come to the age of vision with precision. You are there in the center of the center of the will of God; not just hanging around, not just preaching, not just trading! Ask somebody and say ‘I heard you’re going into business, what business is it? He replies, any one’.

        Look, when I was a child, I spoke as a child…what is anyone? (I Cor. 13:11). Anyone is no one. You don’t know where you are going! Isaiah said, ‘I heard a voice say to me cry, (Is.40: 6). Not just I’m sent to preach… to preach what? Many people don’t know what they are sent to preach; so, they’re all over town making all manner of noise and going nowhere. Because they don’t have a message so they cannot be qualified messengers. They can’t settle somewhere with a message; I mean, if you don’t have the message, what do you tell them when you get there?

         Friends, we are in the age of vision with precision. Why must you die a struggler? You are a bright and morning star after the order of Jesus. Locate where you belong and abide there. Many people in business have been ordained to go into production by the Almighty God, but they won’t. They instead want supplies from the Federal Ministry of Agric.; they line up for 20 years, not one ‘supply’ comes. The only one they get hereafter, they have to jump through the window to get the money … simply because they are not on their ways!

Look, when you get to your way, you are unstoppable! When you land on your path, every devil bows to you. Without vision, you will die in frustration; you now need to sit down and invest time to know where you are going. Not every open door is God’s door. Many are trapped in disguise. Habakkuk said ‘I will set me upon my watch… and I will stand to see what he will say unto me… And the Lord said … Write the vision’ (Hab. 2:1-2). Brethren, it takes time to Locate this. It doesn’t jump at you; people go to enquire for it. Pray asking God today… which way Lord? Where are you asking me to turn? Where do I put this $100, 000 so it won’t go the way the others went? Oh that you know where you may find God! That you may come to his seat! That you may order your cause before him and fill your mouth with arguments… so you may know the words with which he would answer you, and understand what he would say… concerning your very situation (Job

 23:3-5), that is Christian maturity; you need to settle down to it. You are unstoppable, unmolestable, and irresistible in His plan. Maybe you are out of His plan, that’s why you’re out of peace.

There is something they call talent. It is also called divine endowment. But God is not committed to talent. He gave them talents, and each one went and traded with it. Talent draws on man’s ability to deliver, but God is committed to Callings, which are products of visions. Faithful is he that calleth thee… makes a visionary superior to a talent trader. The talented has to be committed to it by himself to determine what he delivers. But a visionary has divine backing for his results. That’s why you can’t settle down with talents, you must locate your calling in God. Locate the areas he has designed you to fill so that you will not fail.

Look at the word ‘I Will’ used by Habakkuk in chapter 2 vs. 1. You’ll discover it is a personal conscious adventure. It is your will that will provoke the release of his Will. God will when you Will. You don’t stumble on visions, you make enquiries for it. Revelations are impotent when you’re out of vision; for what is speed going to do when you are on a wrong road? It takes you farther from your destination. Vision has a guaranty on it… though it tarries; it shall surely come to pass.

I tell you friends, God’s plan is indestructible when discovered and pursued. Abraham saw a vision at 75, and God made a name out of him at age 75. So you are never late as long as you’re breathing. God showed Abraham what to do, and when he went after it, God’s commitment was proved. Listen to me, you have been too committed, all you need now is God’s commitment. You have struggled enough, just come and locate where you belong; when once you found it… then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.


3.  How do I hear God you may ask?

(a) You must first settle the question of sin. Secrets are of God, when they are revealed, the benefits belong to us (Deut. 29:29). Every secret of God carries benefits, and you cannot take delivery of the benefits until the secrets are REVEALED AND APPLIED. Secrets begin with righteousness; for they that are without are in parables but they that are within have access to secrets…. For without are dogs and all that loveth and maketh a lie (Rev. 22:15). So when you’re in those things, you are without. The best you can have no matter how rigorous you study are stories. But when you’re inside here, inside stories (God’s secret) belongs to you. The first man was given control over all things. Sin dethroned him, righteousness will enthrone you. If you don’t have bitter hatred for sin, you won’t have a place in God’s army.


(b) It is through the Holy Spirit that your spirit man locates secrets. He searches the inward parts of the belly, and the belly is the residence of the Holy Spirit… for out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water (John 7:38-39). And the Holy Spirit is the mind of God… for no man knows the things of man save the spirit of God that is in him; even so the things of God knoweth no man but the spirit of God (1 Cor. 2:10-11). So the Holy Spirit knows all the things of God and relates with your spirit to deliver those secrets so they can be obtainable and available to you. Now listen to me, I cannot overstate your need to run away from all sins so as to maintain a very sound health programme for your spirit, because if your spirit is sickly it becomes ineffective. Just like headache is a sickness of the body, sin is a sickness of the spirit. If you are a liar, you are tormenting your spirit man, and he is on admission, he can’t do any research.

 Your spirit man has a research ministry to you … to search the inward parts of the belly.

    No researcher, no matter who employed him, whether World Bank or local bank; if he’s sick and on admission in the hospital, do they bring the library there? Or do they put him on a stretcher and carry him to the Oxford University library? So when your spirit man is sick, he can’t locate anything. 

And I tell you there are many people in church today who are on spiritual admission.  Their spirit man is undergoing a spiritual killer disease.  All they have is something here in the mind, there’s nothing on the inside.  So, they can’t locate anything.  Preach anything, they close their bible, they open it, it is blank!  They can’t see anything, because their spirit man is on admission, and no longer on duty.  It’s been made sick with lies and immorality.  It’s been made sick with deceit and gossips.

    Until God touched the mouth of Isaiah with a life coal and said your iniquity is passed over, he had no access to God’s plan.  It was after that he said he heard ‘the voice of the Lord’ saying ‘whom shall I send, and who will go for us’? To which he replied ‘here am I; send me’ (Is. 6:1-8).  You are not qualified for vision from God until your iniquity is passed over, except of course you want deception from the pit of hell and not vision from God.  Many are being tortured today because what they call vision is delusion from Satan.  God’s pattern has not changed.

    Can a dead man hear anything?  When you live in worldly pleasures, you are dead while yet you live (1 Tim. 5:6).  So, when you‘re meddling with sin you‘re blurring your vision, you are deafening your ears and blinding your eyes.

4.    Hearing God is a continuous adventure.  That’s why Paul said ‘I will come to visions and revelations’ (1 Cor. 12:1).  He saw one on the way to Damascus.  He didn’t stop there … because when vision ceases, struggles resume. 

    Every genuine enquiry delivers a vision.  Joel chapter 2 verse 28 says … your young men shall see visions.  Not that they shall see for them, but, they shall see visions themselves.  So, you don’t need to award it as a contract.  Come-on, go and see your own!

    Many Christians are committed to Jesus, living a life of holiness, but they are out of phase with God’s vision for their lives.  Yours doesn’t have to be like that.  Seek God till he gives you his judgment.  If God shows it and he gives the signal of the timing, you are okay, just move ahead.  He knows what to do.

    Finally, may I say until God commands a thing there’s bound to be struggle (Lam. 3:37). When Ezekiel prophesied as commanded, there was no struggle, the bones returned to themselves (Ezek. 37:4-7).  So, invest quality time dear friend to find out what God will have you do.  When you locate God’s commandment, it is called vision, when that vision is pursued, there will be no struggle.  I see you free from every struggles of life from today in Jesus name.

All scriptures are from The King James Version of the Bible