Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Do I Need to Hear God Speak (part 1)?

I write unto you not to brag about how often I hear God, but to be able to help you and I grow in our understanding of how we can better hear the Lord, so that we will be better Christians. Men don’t desire what they don’t value. I want to first whet your appetite by making you to see a few reasons why you need to hear God speak.

To succeed in spiritual warfare, you certainly need to be able to hear God speak. There is a warfare going on concerning your life, and you need to know this! The King James Bible in 1Peter 2:11 admonishes us to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul. Friends, there is a war against your soul… and there is no discharge in that war…until Jesus comes. Who are the people that have power to fight and succeed in this war? They are the people who have genuinely given their lives to Jesus Christ (those folks you call the Born-again Christians). Why is this so? No man goes to warfare at his own charges (1Corinthians 9:7). Just like in the physical, no man can go on his own to fight a war for his country of origin. No matter how intelligent, and capable you are, you can’t wake up one day and decide to go to the war that your country is presently fighting in, you must be commissioned by the authorities in your country to fight in the war. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, everyday is fully loaded with evil, and it will take supernatural guidance to escape all the evil of a single day. Know of a surety that you are fighting against the devil that has probably prevailed against our fore-fathers, and he can postulate what your next move is likely going to be. Therefore you need God’s help to overpower this enemy of your soul (Deuteronomy 33:27).

To go to war, the one that is sending you there must equip you to fight, and after he has done that, you as a soldier must be wise enough to pick the right ammunition to fight in the warfare. Only a foolish soldier will go to war with an F-2000 Assault Rifle when his opponent is using a nuclear weapon! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds says the Bible in 2 Corinthians 10:4. So, God has given you weapons, but how do you know the one to use each time? You need to hear from your master! People who have been in deliverance ministry will tell you how important it is for them to hear the Holy Spirit whisper to them what they need to do to get the desired result. You also need the same, at least to succeed in the deadly warfare against your soul!

Give us examples Bro. Yinka. Please turn with me if you will, to read Luke chapter 13, verses 1 to 5. You will discover that Pilate mingled the blood of some Galileans with sacrifices and that the tower in Siloam fell and killed 18 people. Tell me, if those Galileans knew of Pilate’s plot to kill them, will they stay around? If those 18 people killed by the tower knew that the tower will fall, will they still stay under it? No, they won’t! Friends, you have long enough dwelt in the region of allowing time and chances to dictate what happens to you… move on with the Lord.

The Yoruba’s have an adage that says ‘A kii duro si inu ile eni, ki a f’orun ro’ (literarily meaning that you can’t be in your house and be in danger; but am sure you know that this concept is not true. Haven’t you heard of an airplane crashing into people’s house while they are in it? Haven’t you heard of someone being swallowed up alive by his house caving into mother earth?  You don’t have to be a genius to escape the evil of every passing day, all you have to be is a person that hears God.

A woman of God once shared how God delivered her from being burnt alive in her own house while sleeping, because the Lord who knew the house was going to get burnt while she would be sleeping forewarned her not to go into the house to sleep. I have earlier shared this particular link.

I am serious about this issue, friends you need to hear from God! You need to know what exactly God wants you to do now, and then do just that. Blessings.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is it possible for a Christian to stop sinning completely?

My answer is yes, emphatically!

What is sin?  The answer encompasses and goes beyond what is written in the bible; simply put, sin is any disobedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit. You and I know what things are written in the Bible and categorized as sin, but beyond that, the Holy Spirit is the person that can define sin for each individual, as what is a sin to you may not be sin to me. What do you mean Bro. Yinka? If the Holy Spirit has told you not to play football again, it will not be sin to other people who make their living playing football. But, to you it will be a sin to continue playing football.

He who will be totally free from sin on a daily basis is a person who will always obey the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows what lies ahead of you, and if you are going to get into a difficult situation that will make you to commit sin, he will forewarn you, It will now be left to you to obey him or not. Who is a prudent man?  A prudent man is a man who listens to the Holy Spirit and obeys him. Oh, a prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences (proverbs 22:3, & Proverbs 27:12, NLT). That scripture was twice repeated verbatim in the Bible for emphasis on your need to key in to the Holy Spirit.

My people says in Yoruba language, ‘ma koja mi Olugbala, kii se orin adubule ko’, literally meaning that you have to play your own part if you don’t want the Lord to pass you by.  So, what are the things you and I have to do to live sinless daily?


Reckon that you are dead to sin. Jesus healed a man that was born blind, the Jews and the Pharisees confronted the man who had been blind and told him "Give glory to God by telling the truth," … "We know this man is a sinner (John 9:24, NIV)." They called my Lord a sinner.  The world and the devil will call you a sinner. It is God’s duty to tell you if you are a sinner or not.  Who will accuse God's elect? It is God who justifies! Who is the one to condemn? It is the Messiah Jesus… (Romans 8:34, ISV version). Why am I saying this? Don’t allow the devil to harass you.

If you are walking on the road and you happen to see a completely naked woman, and you didn’t have a second look at her because you don’t want to commit sin, the devil may still accuse you that you have committed sin by looking at that naked woman. You are the one who will have to take your stand against his insinuations!  How? It is by reckoning and telling him to his face that you are not a sinner and that you are indeed dead unto sin. If you don’t know this, you are likely going to be asking God to forgive you the sin you never committed, and you keep going in circles. In the same way, you too must continuously consider yourselves dead as far as sin is concerned, but living for God through the Messiah Jesus (Romans 6:11, ISV).


Stop claiming your right! Are you listening? Any Christian that is not prepared to lose his rights on certain issues of life cannot stop sinning.  Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God's grace (Romans 6:14, NLT). What saith the scripture? ‘All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any (1 Corinthians 10:29, & 1 Corinthians 6:12, KJV).’ There is a power behind everything that people do on earth.  The powers that be are seeking to control us as they make subtle suggestions to us to do certain things in a particular way. Jesus having fasted for 40 days and 40 nights had all the rights in this world to eat some food. He was in the wilderness where I think that he couldn’t get bread to buy, but he himself had the power to turn stone into bread, and I guess he would have done so,  seeing he was hungry  if not that the suggestion to do it came from the devil (Luke 4:1-4). My friend, what are you doing with the devil’s suggestions? What power motivated you to do the things you did today, God or Satan? You are the judge!

Deal with your own lust. Take practical steps to ‘deliver thyself as a roe from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler (proverbs 6:5, KJV).’ Every man has a lust, identify and deal with your own. After I have given my life to Christ and baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, one of my old lusts caught up with me, I discover that it was easy for me to masturbate.  On Tuesday, May 26, 1992 about 11pm after having masturbated in my room while alone, I found myself asking ‘Is this the way I will continue living as a Christian? Is it not possible to stop sinning completely? The Holy Spirit replied me and said ‘’you have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin (Hebrews 6:4, KJV)’’.  That was the beginning of my breaking away from the sinful habit. In the early nineties, a sister close to my heart was working with an establishment where she received a salary of about a thousand Naira monthly as a cashier, yet daily she receives at least a million naira as a mixture of raw cash and bank draft which she takes to the bank to save for her establishment on a daily basis.  This process continued for one year before she started getting tempted to steal from the money she makes for her employer.  According to her, she used to steal from people and her parent as an unbeliever, but she stopped stealing after being born-again. The urge to steal came back forcefully while she was working in that establishment, after six years of her being a born-again Christian.  How did she escape the temptation? She confided in her pastor, telling him about her past history of stealing and about the present temptation to steal.  She can decide not to tell anybody because she wouldn’t want anybody to see her as someone who is likely to steal any moment, but because she wanted to hold firmly to her salvation with fear and trembling, she confided in someone who could be a watch on her prayerfully and physically. This helped her seriously!!! The thought of stealing went away after she told her pastor. Listen to me; the more you keep your lapses to yourself, the easier it is for you to continue in it.  I pray the Lord direct you to tell someone your secret sin or temptation as the case may be, so you can receive all the help God has to offer and be completely delivered, in Jesus Name. The truth of the matter is that once you have victory over that particular sin that is common to you, it will be easy to deal with every other temptation that the devil throws at you.


In America or Europe, when you want to apply for a job, your employer demands that you bring a certificate of good report (called ‘Background check’ in USA, called ‘attest van goed gedrag en zeden’ in Belgium). What you will discover is that the report is only valid from the previous years that you have lived in that country until that particular day. Why? No one can vouch for your tomorrow that you will not go against their law, thus nobody want to give you a post-dated certificate of good behavior. If you say you have no sin, you can talk of now, I mean right now!!!! But, what happens after now? You may or may not give in to temptation to sin.

My KJV Bible says in first John chapter 1 verse 7 that the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. The blood of Jesus cleanseth (present continuous tense) …as you and I walk in the light (which light? The light of the revelation the Holy Spirit gives you at that moment); the blood of Jesus purifies us from all sins (1 John 1:9).


When you over speed while driving your car in Europe and the speed camera catches you, you know there is no way you will escape paying the government’s fine, you are therefore cautious to obey the law of safe driving even when no policeman is there to watch you. But, because God does not give you a knock on the head each time you commit a sin, you are tempted to do it again. When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong (Ecclesiastes 8:11). You become weaker each time you commit sin, and vice-versa becomes stronger each time you overcome.


In your country today, there are people who do not commit sin. If you are sinning, that is your own cup of tea, but I counsel you to seek for help that you may be delivered.

Please permit me to stop here for now.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to hear the Holy Spirit

I am a born-again Christian, how do I know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to me? While we are still waiting for the main teaching on this topic of hearing the Holy Spirit, please permit me to share this bit. One of the basic things a believer has to do to hear or recognize when the Holy Spirit is speaking is to be diligent in the study of the word. I mean personal Bible study. Why??? …the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you ( John 14:26). Please tell me, can you buy a new laptop from the electronic store, open it, connect it to a printer and expect to print out your picture from the new laptop without downloading it from your email client or from a flash drive? No way!!! The computer manufacturer does not have your picture already installed on the computer. You have to first put it in there!!! Are you listening? Your heart is like a computer. It is the word you put in your heart that the Holy Spirit will bring to your remembrance.

 Many times when the Holy Spirit speaks to his children, and they choose rather to go their own way, and they eventually see the results of their foolishness, they yell and say… ‘’Something told me that I should have gone the other way’’. Stop this attitude of calling the Holy Spirit ‘’something’’. Wake up from your slumber!!!! Haven’t you read in your bible that the thoughts of the righteous are right (Proverbs 12:5)? It is not something that told you and you are not the one thinking it… it is the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

 The Holy Spirit does not shout. He speaks gently, affirmatively, and in a non-persuasive tone. Just like a soft whisper, so your heart has to be quiet to hear him.

 I was eating my one of my favorite meals sometimes ago, and it was a serve-yourself thing; after having served a portion I felt was moderate for me, I began to eat. Not long after I had eaten about half of that portion, a scripture flashed across my heart saying… ‘’a little that a righteous man hath is better…’’. That was the Holy Spirit speaking, and asking me to stop eating that food. It was not me thinking. My friend, when a scripture comes out of the blues against what you are doing in such manners, it is not you thinking it. Obey the Holy Spirit and ‘’don't be like some senseless horse or mule, whose movement must be controlled with a bit and a bridle (Psalm 32:9, Common English Bible)’’.

Gone are the days when you would have to take your computers with you when travelling… now, with cloud storage and the advancement in technology, you can travel the world almost without nothing than your passport, your credit card, and your password to access the Internet which provides the connection between your computer and the database even when you are thousands of miles away from your actual computer…

Jesus told his disciples… ‘’Take nothing for the journey--no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt (Luke 9:3 N.I.V).’’ Why????

… Because when they need money, he would show them where to get it just like he told Peter to get money from the mouth of the fish to pay the county’s tax (Mathew 17:27); Oh yes, when you need food on the way, he could direct you to where to find it just like he directed Elijah to where he found sustenance… 1 kings 17:3-4, 9. My friend, stop travelling the way of life heavily loaded with the cares and weights of this world, all you need is the Holy Spirit, learn to listen to him, and obey his voice.


Monday, April 6, 1992 at about 7am in room 354 (H5) Awo Annex, during the extra year of my 5-year undergraduate course in the University, I woke up to find out that I was oppressed by the devil; there were many of us living in that room, and not all were born-again Christians, so I determined that I was going to go towards the University’s commercial farm through the end of Mozambique Hall to go cast out the devil from me. As I was about going out of my room, the Holy Ghost said to me… ‘’If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place;’’ on hearing that, I paused a while… joined the debating society in my heart questioning why God will disallow me from going to pray a deliverance prayer for myself. I disobeyed God and went on my way towards the commercial farm. As I went, I saw naked ladies (I mean beautiful students) having their bath in the open end of Mozambique hall. God bless the University, because they provided good bathrooms for those ladies within the confines of their hall of residence, the university also made sure that the bathrooms are regularly maintained, but for obvious demonic reasons, the ladies chose to have their bath in the open. I don’t know how you would have behaved at this point, but when I got to that point … I forgot that I was going to pray… and I began to watch free show. What stunned me was that, the ladies knew that they were being watched not only by me, but by many guys who had hidden themselves in strategic places around that end, and instead of them  to run for cover, they continued taking their bath there yelling at the guys and saying ‘’Asewo (Prostitutes)’’. Unfortunately, I saw Christians among the nude ladies…

That incidence was a great blow to me, needless to say I paid for my disobedience … ‘For if the message spoken through angels proved to be so firm that every violation or disobedience received its just penalty, how will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation (Hebrews 2:2-3 NET Bible (©2006))?’

In Acts 21: 11, we read that prophet Agabus came all the way from Judea to deliver the message of the Holy Ghost to Paul, also in the book of Acts 13:2…’As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.’’ How think ye??? The Holy Ghost is still speaking today… ‘’ As the Holy Spirit says, "If you hear God speak today, don't be stubborn (Hebrews 3:7, GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995).’’





Sunday, July 28, 2013

Developing Your Praying Life

Now thus saith the Holy Ghost: ‘he that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.’
From time to time you see men praying here and there, but sad to say, many of these prayers never reaches the ceiling not to talk of ascending to God. Why? Because of the state of heart of those praying! Go through the scriptures and you will discover that God heareth not sinners. My friend, how can you live the way you like and expect God to hear/honour your prayers?
Prayer is one of the greatest, most satisfying adventures of the Christian faith. The more you pray, the more you know how to pray and the more you will like to pray.
To enter into a praying life, you must have a distinct place to pray in. Learn to depart into a solitary place to pray. Jesus Christ our Lord laid the foundation upon which every Christian must build on, he ‘‘departed into a solitary place’’ to pray (Mark 1.35). Your own solitary place should be a place where you know that you won’t be disturbed while praying.
Daniel’s solitary place was a Chamber in his house (Dan. 6:10). Isaac’s solitary was the field (Gen. 24:63). Cornelius’ solitary place was his house (Acts 10:30). Peter’s solitary place was the housetop (Acts 10:9). God visited Jacob while he prayed alone (Gen. 32:22-24). Jesus never joked with being alone with God, he prayed alone on the mountain (Matt. 14:23).
There are benefits in being alone with God.
1. When you pray alone, you are not disturbed;
2. Your praying can’t be limited;
3. You can take any posture;
4. It gives you freedom to plan your prayer anyhow anyway;
5. There is freedom of conduct; and
6. It gives you freedom of expression.
This reminds me of a past incidence in a Church I attended in Lagos, Nigeria. When it came to prayer time, the man next to me felt burdened to pray, but he wanted to tell God certain things that he didn’t want me to hear. So he used his native language (which he knew I didn’t understand) to pray, and afterwards changed to English.
My friend, there are certain times that you want to tell God WORDS you don’t want other ears to hear. Praying alone gives you freedom of expression. If prayer is so important to your Christian Life then you must learn to pray at a time when you will be most effective. The time of prayer is important. And I tell you, the best hours of the day are the morning hours.
No wonder David said he ‘‘will awake early’’ (Psalms 57:8). God said they that seek Him early shall find Him (Prov. 8:17). God’s manna can be gotten only in the morning hours (Ex. 16:21). The Psalmist said ‘‘my voice shall thou hear in the morning… in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee (God)’’ (Ps. 5:1-3). God appoints to meet his servants in the Bible always early in the morning.
One of the things that determines whether you love God or not is the choice you make between your bed and seeking God.
Abraham had a custom of getting up early (Gen. 19:27). Prayer is a sacrifice (Ps. 141:2; Pro. 15:8) which Abraham did early in the morning (Gen. 28:18). Moses rose up early morning too (Ex. 9:13). The Bible says, ‘‘the upright shall have dominion over (their enemies) in the morning’’ (Psalm 49:14b). Early morning is a time to drive the Hagar in your life away (Gen. 21:14). Early morning is a time to command your Pharaoh out (Ex. 8:20) Let your fountain be blessed (Pro. 5:18). Let the beginning of your day be full of the riches of communing with God.
Inability to wake up early in the morning and commune with God is symptomatic and points to the fact that you have a sick spiritual life.
Most Ministers of God I know were early risers. John Nelson wakes up by 4.00 a.m. to pray William Bramwell wakes up by 5.00 a.m. to pray and prays at intervals between day time and 10 – 11 p.m. Hudson Taylor of the ‘‘China Interior Mission’’ was an early riser too. Bishop Arch Bury wakes up by 4.00 a.m. to pray. Bishop Kent wakes up by 3.00 a.m. John Wesley said ‘‘I count it to be indiscipline if I can’t wake up by 4.00 a.m. and spend 2 hours in prayers to God.’’ Martin Luther spent 3 hours of the early morning hours to pray to God. Dr. Judson said ‘‘Let the breaking of the dawn find you on your knees.’’ Jesus will never preach without having prayed, so he woke up early (John 8:1-3; Luke 21:38).
My friend, don’t let anything choke your prayer life. The morning watch is a legacy of Christians of old. In the early morning hours:
1. Your mind is fresh and there is no noise.
2. You have the benefit of breathing morning breeze that has not been contaminated (except for highly industrialized places where production continues through the early hours).
Sleep early if you have to wake up early. For example if you know that you have to leave your house for work by 6.00 am, then go to bed early enough so you can have time to pray before you go out. Sleep in a monster which every Christian has to fight. Do not love sleep (Pro. 20:13). David said I will not give sleep to mine eyes… until I find out a place for God (Ps. 132: 4-5) Learn to control your sleeping habits. The more hours you sleep the more hours you spend unconscious. Cultivate the habit of standing on your feet as soon as you wake up.
I recommend kneeling down in prayer to God in your closet. This is humbling, but rewarding Daniel did it (Daniel 6:10) Paul and the disciples adopted kneeling down in prayer to God (Acts 20:36; 21:5). Peter knelt to pray too (Acts 9:40). Jesus, our perfect example knelt down to pray too (Luke 22:41). So why don’t you?
Pray revival down in the nation you are. The devil trembles as soon as you get on your knees… to pray. Why not pray now?
May the good LORD strengthen our prayer life in Jesus name. Amen.

All scriptures are from the King James Version of the Bible.

Bro. Adeyinka Adeyemo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let him that has an hear listen to what the Holy Ghost Says

........I found it NECESSARY to write to you exhorting you TO CONTEND ERNESTLY FOR THE FAITH which was once for all delivered to the saints. For CERTAIN MEN (MINSTERS REALLY) HAVE CREPT IN UNNOTICED who long ago were marked out for this condemnation (judgment) UNGODLY MEN, (this means they bear the name that they belong to God but don't behave like God in their character though they may BE HEAVILY ANOINTED !) who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and DENY the only Lord God (that is they DON'T ACCEPT THE WORD AS SUPREME AND LORD) AND our Lord Jesus Christ. Jude 3-4 NKJV

We are in dire and desperate times spiritually Isaiah 60:1-2 and Satan knows his time is getting shorter and shorter ( Rev 12:12). He is not one to take things lying down; he is attacking humanity with ALL HE HAS! We know he has the copyright to evil but if someone has the INSANE BOLDNESS to take on the Most High, you can't say that person is a Coward! Mad, deceived, yes but lacking courage NO! He is a master strategist and operates UNDER COVER. That is why his other title is DECEIVER, Rev 12:9. What that means is that he uses deceit to operate. Breaking that down further means when he is destroying a man, the man will NOT KNOW, the victim will think all is well until eventually manifestation will just emerge. This might be failure, frustration, perplexity or EVEN DEATH. The Lord talked about being a two fold child of hell Matt 23:15, so there are degrees of hatred that Satan has for people. First level is just natural human beings; he hated them the least BECAUSE THEY ARE NO THREAT TO HIM, next level is saints (GENUINELY born again children of the kingdom). One is not born again just because one came out and said the salvation prayer. Countless who said that will still NOT MAKE IT to heaven. How can I be sure someone asked? The evidence of genuine salvation is A CHANGED LIFESTYLE (2Corin 5:17). Which class does Satan hate the MOST? Read on.

The devil is attacking and undermining the faith BOTH FROM OUTSIDE AND INSIDE at the same time! So one looks at the world, everything has gone UPSIDE DOWN. In the 60s, if you declared you were homosexual, you will be locked up in an asylum! Now I just read about a 'couple' where the 'man' was born a woman and the 'woman' was born a man! The satanic strategy is TO WEAR THE SPIRITUAL SAINT OUT! How can Elijah run from Jezebel after causing single handedly a national revival! 1King 19:4 He said 'it is enough. He was worn out by the demonic onslaught. One comes to the church for spiritual comfort and solace what do we see in MANY CHURCHES? Abomination in the holy place( Matt 24:15) You look to leaders and fathers and your heart sinks! God has told me twice now " that that one, leave him, ALL he is going to do in your life and ministry he has done, he can't TAKE you further. I know of many ministers who are stuck with fathers that used to be connected to the vine but ARE NO MORE (1Tim4:1)! Such don't know WHEN TO GET OFF. The Lord said once you begin to see abomination in the Holy place, DON'T EVEN PACK YOUR STUFF, RUN Matt 24:15-20. I asked why? He replied that for an abomination to appear in the sacred place in church, the altar MUST HAVE SWITCHED CONNECTION a long time ago, only people were NOT AWARE! What does all that mean? by the time a person receives a brand new handset from a provider and starts making calls, a lot had gone way before. Payment has been made, credit check done and contract signed. This is for the UK. So when you are in a church and you see a BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE WORD (that is an abomination) especially in the leadership, POWER HAS CHANGED HANDS IN THE NEGATIVE DIRECTION!

Because lawlessness is increased, MOST people's love will GROW COLD (Matt 24:12 American standard version).

This is the time to CONTEND FOR OUR FAITH Jude 3. Satan wants us to be overwhelmed by all this iniquity abounding. WE MUST STAND UP FOR OUR GOD. "Am I saying jump up on your desk with a placard saying give your life to Christ or you're toast" NO! NO!! NO!!! You start contending for the faith BY LIVING IT! Daniel purposed to stand his ground in an alien environment and contend for his faith Dan1:8-9. It was his determination that attracted the other three who joined him later. So in your office and school when the issue of whether being gay is right or wrong is raised, don't JUST SIT THERE and pretend all is well in your generation, SPEAK UP FOR YOUR GOD! Am I saying with eyes blazing, foam coming out of your mouth and at the top of your voice start ranting and raining curses on Cameron and Obama because of their stance, No!!! Cool and calmly declare the love of God for all including gay, transgender and say what the bible says. So "what do you believe some ask? I believe the Bible and show them. But the bible was silent on slavery and God said the Israelites should kill people, children and all. Let them know there are some things that you don't understand about the Bible but this one is clear both in old and New Testament, being gay is not of God. Gen 19, Rom 1:26-28, 1Corin6:9. Our job is NOT TO CONVERT anyone, WE DIDN'T even convert ourselves! Share your testimony and declare the word FIRSTLY in your lifestyle and then with your mouth. Leave the rest to God, WHEN WE DO OUR BIT, HE WILL DO HIS.



Part 2

That is, that I may BE ENCOURAGED together with you while among you, each of us by the other's faith (Rom 1:12 ASV).

That was the great Apostle saying he wanted to visit the saints in Rome so that they can encourage themselves! This is the greatest Christian after the Lord Himself; this chap was used by the Holy Spirit to write two thirds of the New Testament!   Yet he was talking about being encouraged by his spiritual children. To survive this onslaught of Satan we must firstly cleave to our God in the WORD FIRST and then prayers. That is one of the errors in African based Pentecostal churches. Instead of emphasizing this divine order, WE HAVE REVERSED IT. We pray so much at THE EXPENSE OF THE WORD and the result is that the 'prayers' don't work as real prayer MUST BE WORD LOADED. Real prayer is "He has said (the Word) so we may say (prayer) Heb 13:5-6. If the Word is not emphasized, PEOPLE WOULDN'T DO IT, not because they are illiterate and can't read but because the subtle error is that Minister by constantly emphasizing prayer invariably say the word is NOT THAT IMPORTANT and this error is sealed when Minister contravene the word openly and STAY SILENT AND NEVER PREACH ON THAT ISSUE. So the 'message' people hear is if the word hits me where it is really uncomfortable' I just LEAVE THAT PART OF THE BIBLE, God understands, YES, HE DOES, He know YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS WITH HIM! NO ONE can get the best of God if such REFUSE TO LET Him deal with his issues. We would never have heard of Abraham if anytime God wanted to tell him to sacrifice his one and only son, he kept PRETENDING as if God wasn't speaking! GOD IS NOT A FOOL! He really begins to see us as FUNCTIONALLY HIS, when with tears, sweat and sometimes blood Luke22:41-46, we put off our 'church mask' and say OK OK OK Lord, no more struggling and playing church games, I need your help. It is only those who accept the divine pruning and cutting that he considers to be His own. He calls some born again saints bastards! Heresy!!! Yea, Read Heb 12:5-8, 2Tim 2:19. Both letters were written to saints. The standard is not low like many think (1Pet 4:17-18).

After maintaining our communion with God, we must fellowship with saints of like mind. After the Apostles were threatened by the authority in Acts4:21-23, they went to THEIR COMPANY; that is, those who believed in standing up for their faith. One is not going to last long if one hangs around people who DON'T REALLY BELEIVE THE BIBLE. How do you know Christians like that? What one really believes is not seen in WHAT ONE PREACHES or the books one writes. The Lord Himself gave us the acid test. WHAT YOU DO IS WHAT YOU REALLY BELEIVE! Matt 7:15-20. That was Elijah's mistake, Obadiah told him he hid 100 prophets in the cave from Jezebel, he (Elijah) didn't seek them out for encouragement, he was a one man army so at his low moment, he had no one. So he started lamenting to God, that he was the only one left 1King 18:1-4, 22.19:10. Depression blinds, he forgot what Obadiah told him! I have my company, when I call or we meet, we are on the same page! Any abomination we see in ourselves or the church we NAME AS IT IS, it is an abomination, and it’s contrary to the word. We encourage ourselves because THE COMPROMISE IN OUR GENERATION IS ALMOST OVERWHELMING IF NOT FOR GOD! Seek out your company. In my company, men's words are NOT LAW! THE BIBLE IS. We hold ourselves accountable. Do you have a company?

Message preached and transcribed by Pastor Adekunle Raji, of the Rhema Voice outreach ministry, London, United Kingdom

Friday, July 19, 2013


You have been packaged for success.  When God designed you, he designed you to succeed.  Everything about you is about succeeding.  There is no failure in the testimony of God for your life.  There is no failure in the programme of God for your destiny.

From the beginning of your life, everything about you was to succeed.  Over 20 million sperms swam into your mother’s womb; you were the only one who won.  Tell me, how can you call yourself a loser when from the beginning of your race in life you began to win?  You began well, you will finish well!  The man traveling by Torch light and the one with Halogen lamp, their speed is not the same.

You’ve got to understand that things work by law.  Men call some things LAW, God just calls them principles.  For example, there is the Archimedes law of floatation (If you put anything that has volume in water, it will float; if it doesn’t have volume, it will sink).  There is the law of gravity (anything that goes up must come down).  There is the law of motion in physics; no matter how good the design of a car is, when you apply brake, it doesn’t stop immediately, it must still move forward.  There are some laws also that govern breakthroughs.  After you’ve been prayed for, you’ve got to recognize certain laws which God has established in His word, and as you recognize those laws and apply them, you are bound to fly high above the sky.

What you don’t recognize does not work you.  In the book of 2 Kings Chapter 4, we have the story of a woman who was in an incredible debt.  Her husband was a pastor of that kind of church of 50 years ago.  It was the church where the members pray, ‘Lord keep our pastor humble, we will keep him poor’.  In the case of this man, that prayer was answered, he was so broke, and he left his family in debt.  Now, that’s the worse thing you can do to your family, because the Bible says, ‘A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children (Prov. 13:22), he left indebtedness.

That woman (the wife of this prophet/pastor) cried out to Elisha saying, ‘thy servant my husband is dead; thou knowest that thy servant did fear the Lord?  The creditor is coming to take my 2 sons to be slaves’.  So Elisha said to her ‘what shall I do for thee?  Tell me, what hast thou in the house?  And she said, thine handmaid hath not anything in the house, save a pot of oil… and so on, you know the rest of the story.  But the key thing I want to show you there is the question Elisha asked her … what do you have in your house?  I tell you, the connection to your destiny is already in your life.  Many people travel abroad looking for greener pastures only to discover that a lizard in Lagos cannot become a crocodile in London.  My friend, you need to recognize the Anointing God has already placed on your life.  These are the Anointing within, the anointing upon you, and the anointing for exploits.  The anointing within is supposed to take you into your destiny.

Oh, many of you are already in the place of your blessing, but you’re overlooking it.  You’re overlooking the things God is showing you.  Please don’t say there’s no money in your country, it’s so abundant, and it’s everywhere.

Every problem in this world is intended to create a breakthrough.  If your hair grows, someone has to cut it – that’s breakthrough, that’s money for someone. Somebody needs something somewhere, you have access to that thing, that’s breakthrough for you.  You therefore need to understand the law of recognition for you to enter the breakthrough of your business.  You must recognize the things God has put around you, the blessing God is giving to you, and the anointing in the church you belong to, so you can fully enter into the realm of God’s calling for your life.

Whatever becomes familiar becomes common.  There are men who are married to great wives, but they don’t see anything in her.  You need to recognize the potentials God has given you.

Some of you would likely say ‘gone are the 80’s when your country was fine’, but I’d like to reply that there are better things now in your country, oh yes more blessing in your country now than 20 years ago.  It’s all a matter of recognition.

Two brothers died a many years back in England at the age of 75, in penury, because, 3 years to their death they discovered that the mountain upon which they had farmed all their lives (for which they even refused mechanized farming) contain Gold.  The mountain, upon which they had farmed all their lives until they were 72 and 74 respectively, was full of gold!  They were so committed to this poor farming, they never married.  So there’s no one to inherit it, and by law, the land goes back to the government … because it has become common land, since the dead owners had no relations.  I emphasize brethren, whatever becomes familiar becomes common.  Apply the law of recognition to your situation; don’t go somewhere to look for your gold when your miracle is in your backyard!

I heard a story of a couple in America who badly wanted to be gold miners; they sold their house that was on a little farm and went to Europe looking for how to be part of gold-mining or gold-selling.  They became broke, busted and disgusted.  They just finally managed to raise some money and bought ticket to fly back to America only to find that, the farmland they sold was now the 2nd largest gold-mining place in the whole of USA.  Oh, you need to understand the law of recognition!  Is there a miracle in your son and you haven’t seen it?  Is there a miracle in your wife and you’ve been putting him down all these days, and so the man does not even believe in himself anymore because all you’ve been telling him is … you’re junk! You’re rubbish! You’re nothing! And when he says ‘God will do it’ you snap ‘He better does it on time!’

The man of God said ‘what do you have in your house?  (2 King4: 2)… because it’s got to start with your locality!  When you begin to recognize yourself you’d pray … Lord, why am I here?  Why did you plant me in this country?

The first thing you need to recognize is your own gifting.  What are you called to do?  What are you anointed for?  There are people who are studying to be medical doctors, but they are great in fashion designing.  Don’t laugh at them; because you need Education for Foundation, you need your gifting for your destiny.  Your gifting and your destiny are tied together.  Don’t throw away your gift because your mummy doesn’t want you to do it!  You must recognize your dominant gift.  What do you love to do?  What is natural with you?  That’s the thing about business, there are some people who should not put things out to sell … they’re so kind-hearted, they’ll give it all out.  They’re not called to sell and they want to sell.  And there are some people who will sell everything out on credit, and when the day of reckoning comes … they can’t find their capital and interest.  What is your dominant gift?

There are some people who are gifted with paintings.  There are some people who are gifted to do great things.  One of the biggest businesses in Europe and America is called DISNEY LAND and DISNEY WORLD.  It happened as a result of sacking a man who likes to draw cartoon.  And that is how he drew a duck and a mouse that all kids want to go and watch.  And today it’s a 42-billion dollar business.  May you find where your destiny is tied to!  And when you find it, may you operate in it without failure and may God lift you up through it.

You’ve got to recognize God’s voice!  Jesus said ‘my sheep hear my voice and I know them’ (Jn 10: 27), the voice of another they will not obey.  You need to know God’s voice, so, when God is telling you to do something you can do it.  Many times when God speaks, in the natural, it’s absolutely ridiculous.  But God knows how to bring out the miraculous out of ridiculous.  In fact, every of the miracles in the Bible are ‘the Miraculous out of ridiculous’.

He said to Moses … point your rod to the sea (Ex. 14:16).  How can that make a sea to part?  That’s RIDICULOUS becoming MIRACULOUS.  Recognize the voice of God.  If God tells you to empty your pockets into the offering bags of you church, don’t begin to call a debating society.  Such a time is the time to obey God … and sow yourself out of problems; sow yourself out of lack, and out of difficulty.

God wants to speak to you.  When you’re in a church where the Holy Spirit is allowed to operate unhindered, even if your pastor is telling a joke, there may be a revelation in it.

A crippled man came to the meeting of a man of God called George Jeffery.  And the man of God began to laugh and the crippled man began to stretch … until the laughter of the man provoked his healing.

Recognize also the voice of the enemy, because he will want to make you waste what God has given you.  He will want to make you waste the blessings of the Lord, and your time.  He hates you, he hates your destiny.  But we know that we’ll win at last!  We are the only armies who have been guaranteed to win.  Before the battle began we were declared winner ... for he saith … now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ Jesus … and that we are more than conquerors through him that loved us (2 Cor. 2:14; Rom. 8:37). Listen to me, before I was born, that verse was in the Bible.  The day I got born-again it became applicable to my life.  So everyday I’m a conqueror, I am a winner … and no one can take it from me.  If anything happens and there’s a pushing back, that’s okay, it simply means you’re going in the right direction … and the enemy is fighting … you go on!  You’re going to win at last. Why didn’t God give Rueben what he gave Joseph?  Why didn’t God give Judah?  Because if it were Judah that was thrown into the pit, sold to his cousins, then sold to his enemies … when he becomes wealthy he knows what he’s going to do.  He would kill all of his brothers.  God gave the breakthrough to the man who can forgive his enemies.

Then you’ve got to recognize a deliverer when you see one.  The woman in 2 Kings Chapter 4 recognized a deliverer in Elisha.  She knew that this man is different.  Elijah performed 7 miracles, Elisha did 14! So she knew he is different.  She’s seen all manners of miraculous exploits for God, open doors and favours that are absolutely ridiculous.  She knew where to go.  You too must recognize deliverers when God sends them to you.  Because your deliverance may come in a shape you never expected.

Naaman was sick, but God sent him a little girl (2 Kings 5).  Somebody will come to you and will expose you to a favour, which in the natural you do not deserve, but God had packaged it for you.  Recognize it!  A deliverer may only speak words into your life; and a deliverer may be in a book.  I don’t need to go 30 years through the experience certain people have gone through to learn the things they have learnt.  I just buy his book and … in few hours I’m through. When you need a legal deliverer, don’t read legal books.  Friends, go to a lawyer! A man of God some years back had the cause to go to a court in London.  His church was opening bookstores all over London, and some squatters went into their bookstore.  One cannot just go and throw out people who occupied their building; you have to go to court.  So he went and sat down and in the process witnessed the case of a man being heard … as follows:

The man bought his house on mortgage, he did not pay and so they wanted to take his house back.  Now he’s read some legal books … and so, he continues to argue on his behalf in front of the judge.  The building society got the best barristers in town while this man who read 4 pages of ‘Joseph versus Kamaru’s case stood to argue his case.  When the barrister finished him, his leg was shaking out of the place. You need to recognize your deliverer. When you want to start a business, if you need legal counsel, go to a legal counselor.  Pay them the amount they ask for.  Don’t look for cheap ‘charge and bail’ lawyers!  Are you listening! If you need a financial deliverer, in person of a financial analyst to tell you what profit you should expect, and how you should manage your business...… as you trust in the Lord.  You should know who to go to.

You’ve got to recognize your own weakness.  Every man has a point where it is not his strength.  He may not call it weakness.  Know your points of weakness!  If you know you can’t keep money with yourself, you’d buy things; put it where it should be.  Recognize and stay away from the points of your weakness.  When you recognize your weakness, then it does not make you fail anymore.

You’ve got to recognize God-sent mentors, people whom God has packaged to take you from where you are to where you ought to be.  Recognize them, get everything about them, observe, watch, and look at them.  Look at their moves … why are they doing that?  Why is he doing that right now?  You must recognize why they’re doing that thing in that way, and then learn from it.

Look at the people in the same business you’re doing, and learn from their strength and their weakness; so you can be better.  God has surrounded you with mentors.  Your life started with mentors.  Your parents were your mentors, after which God delivered you into the hand of your teachers.  After your teachers, you’ve been in the house of God.  God has been giving you people along the way to prepare you, programme you, to take you somewhere. When you need a financial mentor, you’d find that there are people who have written on prosperity and how to operate in the covenant of God.  You’ve got to recognize your mentor when you see one.  And listen, your mentor is going to do things; ---- he’s going to shout, because he sees your future, not today.  Your friends will say you’re doing well your mentor will say it’s not yet enough. But, if you want to go where God wants you to go, you’re to be ready to recognize the privilege you have, and don’t take it for granted.

You’ve got to recognize your vision in life, and stay in it.  What exactly is your vision?  What has God called you to be and to do?  You will be beautiful for your situation if you will just stay in your vision.  Many people are just copycats just as the 7 sons of Sceva thought that if Paul was anointed, 7 of them would surpass him --- and so went and opened a deliverance ministry after the order of Paul (Acts 19:13-16).  They failed!  But, everything you lay your hands on would prosper.  Just recognize your vision.  Your vision is what makes you unique.  It is the fingerprint of your life.  Forensic scientists tell us that nobody has your fingerprints.  Nobody else!  Similarly, nobody else has your eyeballs.  If they take the photograph of your eyes with special machines, there are lines in your eyes, which nobody else has.  How won’t you win?  You were packaged from the beginning to be original – don’t be anybody’s !!!

Listen, as soon as you recognize these principles listed, and apply them in your business and you obey the Lord, and you are diligent --- you will succeed.  Don’t look at the situation in your country. Even in the midst of farming, Isaac had maximum yield (100%).  For seed he sowed, he had a harvest.  The Lord rebukes wastage in your life today!

You’ve got to recognize opportunities.  Oh how God had given many people opportunities, but they don’t know the law of recognition.  When Bill Clinton got to Ghana he told them that if today people see him go to church every Sunday and now beginning to give his life in practicing Christianity, it was because of a Ghanaian woman who was the child – minder for his daughter.  When Bill and his wife (both of them Lawyers) and also a governor, before he became president, he employed this Ghanaian charismatic praying Pentecostal woman, who was not afraid when she recognized opportunities.  She did not know Bill would be president until one day God showed her in a vision. She came and said ‘Bill Clinton, you are governor of this nation, but God showed me tonight, that you’re going to be president of this Nation’. So when he then flew to her country and he landed, of all the things he said; he said, ‘I’m now a president because … by the grace of God, a Ghanaian woman prophesied into my life, that one day I shall be the president of the greatest nation on earth’. My friend, God must have given you certain opportunities, what have you done with them?  Right after, the woman lived in the president’s house (no longer manning his daughter who’s then in the University) but he said to her – you prophesied my destiny, I will make the best for you.

Oh, the law of reckoning!  What you don’t recognize may pass you by; it may slip out of your hands.  That’s why you find one key thing about Solomon was that he was particular about those who came around him.  Only those who will bless him, and those he can bless.  And you find the Queen of Sheba who knew the law of opportunity; when she was in the presence of Solomon, she said ‘teach me more’. And she took what she learnt back home. So that before the whites got to Ethiopia, Christianity was there.  May you recognize opportunity when it comes your way.  Even if it comes in the forms of trouble, God will show you the end of it, and the end of it will be good, favour and success for you in Jesus name.

Jehoshaphat received a letter.  3 Kings ganged up to fight him.  He took the letter to God – and God ordered him to form a choir and go to the valley of battle --- and see what he would do on their behalf (2 Chro.20).  When they got there, they found out that it wasn’t the valley of battle but the valley of Berachah (in Hebrew) --- which means blessings, opportunities, open doors.  I tell you in the place Satan says he will fight you, you will become a winner there!

Recognize brethren the laws God has put around you that are intended to lift you to greater heights --- and every trap of Satan will become your source of triumph, in Jesus Name.

This message was preached by Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London, and was transcribed by Bro. Yinka Adeyemo.

All Scriptures are from the King James Version of the Bible

Sunday, May 26, 2013

                  MOVE AWAY FROM YOUR MARAH

Marah is that which brings unfulfilment to your Christian life.  David said “Thou, which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again and shall bring me up again from the depths of the earth.  Thou shalt increase my greatness and comfort me on every side” (Ps. 71:20-21).  God wants to comfort every Christian on every side.  He wants to give you a full blessing.  But not every Christians are enjoying this.  Marah stops God from operating in your life to full capacity.
Marah is something that stops you from launching into the fullness of the blessings of God.  Marah is bitterness and everything about Marah is bitterness (Exo. 15:22-23).
Naomi had just returned to her Country (Bethlehem) after several years of staying in Moab.  Her fellow-citizens wondering at her accosted her and said ‘is this Naomi’?  Of course, they knew she was Naomi, after all she has not done plastic surgery.  But she replied out of the bitterness of her heart and said, call me not Naomi; call me Mara (Ruth 1:19-20).  The living bible translates Naomi as pleasant.  So Marah is that which brings unpleasantness to your life.  Marah blocks the vision of a man.  Marah stops you!  It hinders your growth in the Lord.
Marah can come through several means:
(1)    By your own doings.  If you fall into sin and you’ve repented whole-heartedly but you’re not sure God has forgiven you, you can dwell in Marah: you keep blaming yourself, and the spirit of self-pity keeps troubling you saying ‘Are you sure that God has really forgiven you?  And thus you’re moving round about in circles.
I sinned against the Lord during my undergraduate days in the University in 1992.  I repented sincerely and slept that night without being sure God has forgiven my grave sins.  God woke me up at about 3a.m. and I summoned up courage to go and praise the Lord.  Having praised God for about seventeen minutes on one of the fields on campus.  I opened my little Bible to render a song out of it, but I couldn’t read because of the darkness: the moon suddenly appeared in its full brightness shining directly on my Bible and me.  And as I was leaving the filed (having sung the song) the moon suddenly disappeared behind me.  Then God said to me “Unto the upright ariseth light in the darkness’ (Ps. 112:4a): That experience changed my life for better. But you need not see an angel before you believe his words! Be loosed from the grips of self-pity!  As long as you have confessed and forsaken your sins you can be sure God has forgiven you.  I
write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name’s sake.  And I also have to let you know that God shall wound the head of his enemies and the hairy scalp of such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses (1Jn. 2:12, Ps. 68:21).
God does not want His people to abide in Marah.  As recorded in Numbers 33 verses 1-8 paraphrased, you’ll discover the Israelites went out from Egypt with a high hand passing through Pihahiroth, Migdol and Etham.  When they afterwards got to Marah, they pitched there (Num. 33:8).  My friend, you need not pitch your tent in Marah if you know what Marah indicates.  God wants to move you away from Marah, because as long as you remain there, you will not be able to flow in the fullness of God’s blessings.  That’s why the bible says ‘Let all bitterness, and wrath, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice (Eph. 4:31).  If bitterness doesn’t have an ill effect upon you.  God will not put that Scripture there, okay.

(2)    Marah can also come as a result of your experiences in life.  May be your business is not moving fine.  Do you know God allows the devil to have his way at times to test our love for him?  My friend, are you serving God because of what you’re enjoying as a result of serving him?  God wants to try your heart! Some of you have failed examinations many times over. Oh yes, some of you have suffered seeing the death of your child; and you begin to wonder if this God is really worth serving. Listen to me, Habakuk’s joy was not based on what he was enjoying from God (Habk. 3:17-18). The psalmist also experienced contrary things as recorded in psalms chapter 44 and was so to say discouraged. But can you hear him say in verses 17 to 19 … our heart is not turned back. Neither have our steps declined from thy way. My friend. When things are working contrary will you draw back from following the Lord?

(3) Marah can also come through others.
Woe unto the World because of offences! For it must needs be that offence come: but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! (Mt.18: 7). Do you know that a lot of people have given themselves to the devil … even in the household of God (1 Tim. 5:15)? Judas Iscariot yielded himself to the devil to betray Jesus. Bible says in Luke chapter 22 verse 3 that ‘then entered Satan into Judas’…. Verse 4 says And he went his way, and communed with the Chief priests and Captains, how he might betray him unto them. Judas never thought about the repercussion of what he was going to do; he just jumped into it… as a bird hasteth to the snare, and knoweth not that it is for his life (Prov. 7:23). In the same vein, we have such people in the household of God. People who are sources of temptation to their brethren. Oh yes, there are people who lead brethren into Marah… right in the midst of the Church. Are you such a one my friend? God wants to move you from
that place. A sister who is a nurse/midwife by profession shared with me her bitter experience in the hands of her mother-in-law. This sister was pregnant and while carrying this pregnancy the old woman got angry with her. And for no just cause used her evil power to terminate the pregnancy of her daughter –in – law. The pregnancy dropped and for good six years she couldn’t take in again. That experience can bring her into Marah. People can bring you into your Marah. But God does not expect you to stay in Marah.

Another sister told me how she made a blood covenant with her boyfriend when she was an unbeliever, vowing to marry each other. And on the premise of that covenant the lady used her influence to get him a Job. Lo and behold, the man became rich and abandoned her to marry someone else. Thank God the sister is a Christian now. But I like to emphasise that we’re human even though we are Christians. And there’s a way you can bring what happened in your past into the present. And that can bring you into Marah. Learn to forget the past. Let there be no remembrance of those former things (Eccl. 1. 11) God wants you to live in your TODAY. Forget about the worries of yesterday. Forget about the cares of tomorrow. Live a day at a time.

(4) Sad to say. Christians also can bring people into Marah. We that are supposed to be edifying ourselves. A lot of times by our actions/ utterance and behaviors step on each other’s toe. And these things ought not so to be. A lot of us also commit secret sins. You do as if the unbeliever out there doesn’t know you as a Christian. Probably you’re secretly committing fornication out there and you think nobody sees you. You may be doing some other notorious things in an environment where unbelievers are the only ones seeing you. When they see you do those things they may feel there’s no point for them to accept Jesus. ‘If a Christian can do this, how is he better than me’? Their heat says. I tell you, the reason why some husbands have not come to the knowledge of Christ is because of the wrong behaviors of their so – called Christian wives in our different homes. The reason why other members of your family have not received Christ is because
you’re not living to reflect the light of Jesus in your house. Don’t you know that we are spectacles unto the world and unto angels? And that a brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city?  (1cor. 4:9; Prov. 18:19). You cannot tell me that you’re a minister somewhere who committed fornication with someone’s junior sister. And you preached your sermon afterwards as you used to do (probably having repented). Even if fire comes out of your mouth while preaching the unbeliever will not believe you. They’ll just laugh you to scorn. Hence the need for us to be careful not to bring people into Marah.

Now what is God’s position about Marah?
1.    God doesn’t want you there. Look diligently … lest any root of bitterness springing up troubles you, and thereby many be defiled (Heb.12: 15).
2.    God will never help any Christian to get into Marah. Brother Paul wanted to launch into Marah. But God didn’t help him there. Our Lord Jesus (having saved Paul) wanted to send Paul somewhere as recorded in Acts chapter 22verse 17 to 21. There in verse 19 Paul remembered the kind of Atrocities that he had committed and hence was recounting these before the Lord Jesus. Obviously expecting Jesus to bring a blame upon him. But Jesus never talked about those past sins in his life. Jesus simply replied him ‘Depart….’. And I say unto you Depart!! Yes, depart my friend from thinking God could not have forgiven you because your sin was too great.
3.    God can take you out of Marah if you’re already there.

What are the side effects of Marah?
1.    A soul can be lost to hell forever as I shared earlier (Prov. 18: 19).
2.    One of the common side effects of Marah is that you lose appreciation for God. It becomes difficult for you to praise God and rejoice in Him as you used to do when you first received Christ. Complaints is characteristic of Marah. Can you imagine Israel murmuring against Moses because they found no water to drink (Ex.15.22 24)? They forgot about the past miracles God wrought for them. They murmured in defiance of the scripture which says Do all things without murmuring and disputings (Phil. 2:14).
3.    Marah also blocks the Vision of a man. I know a lot of Christians with zealous desires to mean much for God. But their vision became blocked because they dwelt in Marah. Lots of us have wonderful testimonies of the goodness of God to us. A man had an illicit sexual intercourse with a lady in 1984 while doing his N.YS.C. Program in Abuja. He contacted a veneral disease (chancre) that was gradually chopping off the tip of his genital organ. He suffered as the day went by until the Lord healed him in a Christian meeting without him using drugs. Oh how many of you out there have experienced God as such. You come to church every Sunday and when the altar call is given for you to be born –again you yet harden your heart. I pray you don’t run out of God ‘s mercy.
That brother refused to give his life to Christ despite the touch of God on him. And as he was walking along the street of Jericho in Ibadan when all of a sudden a snake came out of the bush and rose up to hit the shoulder of this 5feet 6inches tall brother. The snake wanted to strike him dead. There and then, he heard an audible voice speak to him “move 2 steps backward”. And I am sure God must have sent his Angel to succour him. He moved 2 steps backward and the snake fell down. The snake rose up in fury wanting to strike him again. And as he said, as that happened, he subconsciously uttered the phrase ‘In the name of Jesus’; and then the snake fell down and ran for its dear life. Now, could you believe that this man did not give his life to Christ until 1986 when after a Christian sister gave him a tract the Lord asked him ‘what else do you need’? So I am asking you the same question today. What else do you need? A lot of you don’t know
that even if God has not done such a great thing in your life the fact that you sleep and you wake up is a beautiful testimony. Bible says In Psalms chapters 3 verse 5 behold we sleep and we wake for the lord sustained us. If the lord has not been sustaining you probably the witches would have killed you. A lot of you feel pressed down on your bed. Oh yes, a lot you are being pursued by cows in your dreams, or someone wants to stab you in your dreams. And when they’re about getting you, you just wake up, and you think its ordinary! You better accept Christ before they finally get you down.
The testimony of the brother above is quite beautiful. But I tell you, whatever God has done in your life, if you dwell in Marah for a single moment your vision will be blocked. That’s why God does not want you to dwell in Marah.
Now let me show you an example from the Scriptures. Turn with me if you will to read Genesis 21 verse 14 to 19. Well you may not understand what happened herein until you read Genesis chapter 16 verse 4. We are talking about Hagar. If you read subsequent verses up to verse 8 you will find that the angel of the Lord came unto Hagar and spoke to her. Now listen to me, a lot of you have experienced wonderful things in your lives as Christians. Oh yes, there’s been many times the Holy Spirit has spoken powerfully to you and you have waved off his word, when he’s passing across a hard message to you. Hagar’s experience was different. She came into contact with the raw manifestation of the power of God. In those days, it was a spectacular thing for anybody to see an angel. But Hagar saw these things. The angel of the lord said unto her in verses 11 and 12:
Verse 11: Behold thou shalt bear son… Verse 12: And he will be a wild man……
For the angel to have said he will be a wild man, it means the child couldn’t have died at age 14 because God said he would be a man. That’s why God is always careful in promising a lot of us because he will want to assess your Christianity. He will try your heart many times to see how faithful you are. So that when he promise you a Mercedes Benz in the next two weeks. You don’t go into sin on the basis that God had said. Because God cannot fail so you think you can sin a little. His promises will always be fulfilled. I tell you. God will want to see what kind of person you are. So God said…. This child will be a man. So, nothing could have made it to fail because it is his word. But because Hagar dwelt in Marah for some moment of time. Her vision was blocked. She forgot all about the promises of God. Who told her that that child was going to die when the water was spent in the bottle? And she was there crying bitterly against God. Now, notice in
verse 17 that God didn’t attend to Hagar’s cry … but God instead heard the voice of the lad.
Probably it’s because you’re dwelling in Marah that God has not healed you despite the fact that countless ministers have prayed for you. Maybe if you from your heart release the fellow you're nudging bitterness against you’ll be healed without anyone praying for you. So God heard the voice of the lad, and, called unto Hagar out of heaven to re-emphasize his promise. God subsequently opened Hagar’s eyes to see water (Gen. 21:19). I tell you. There is no way your eyes can be opened to the provisions of God as long as you dwell in Marah. You will just be there, complaining and grudging. That is why the Bible says in job chapter 17 verse 7 ‘my eyes are dim because of sorrow’ .Are your eyes dim? Is your vision blocked? Psalms chapter 6 verse 7 also says Mine eye is consumed because of grief? Marah is responsible for the dimness of the eyes of Christians. They cannot see too far. They cannot launch into the depths with God. Have you, or, are you
pitching your tent in Marah? God wants you to get out of there today.
Now what happens to the person that brings you into Marah? Do you remember what happened to Korah when he rebelled against Moses out of bitterness (Num.16: 1-4)? Probably some of you have been wondering why a brother you’re so to say better than, has been selected to lead the Worship in your church. Oh yes, you’ve been hurt to see brethren that are not as good as you being offered to preach instead of you, and you begin to nudge bitterness against them. Korah did that and got judged by God for his actions. My friend, if someone brings you into Marah, allow God alone to sit as judge. God thus judged Korah as the earth opened up to swallow him alive (Num: 16:33).
Listen to me brother, grudge not one against another, lest ye be condemned,  … for where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work (James 5: 9, 3:16) Probably because of your dwelling in Marah when someone in your compound offends you, and you see the clothing of his children upon the line when it’s about to rain, you just take your own and go inside your room. As far as you are concerned, if rain beats the hell out of those clothes, you’re not moved. Simply because you’re offended. God doesn’t want you to do that. Are you listening?

God expects you and I to move into our Elims (Num 33:9) My friend. God wants to move you to the place of his abundance if you will move away from Marah today. Israelites were the ones looking for water in Exodus 15 and they got bitter water. But here in Elim they not only found water, but they had plenty of them: they had abundance. They had supernatural comfort. Will you also move away from your Marah today? Allow God to have his way in your heart so he can launch you into your Elim. One of the reasons I think God does not open our eyes to see what goes on in the spiritual realm is so as not to draw us into Marah. To some of you who are oppressed, probably that’s the reason why a lot of times you are oppressed in your dreams, God doesn’t open your eyes to see the witch responsible for your problem. Because he knows if he does, you will count her as an enemy and take the battle to the physical. Lot of times God fights the battle for us in the
spiritual realm without us being conscious of it. Now, most people will never get to where God wants to take them if they don’t watch how they speak.  A brother who was to be employed in the oil sector brought news of his employment to his family, and was telling his wife of their imminent move to the Eastern part of Nigeria from their Northern abode. Their housemaid (who was a queen of the coast in the spirit realm) overheard their conversation and simply went and placed a stone upon his employment letter in the spirit realm. And so till today the brother’s employment letter never surfaced … and he lost the job. Will you be careful about your utterances? Will you ask God to help you tame your tongue? There are some things God will never allow you to speak. That’s why the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 6 verse 3…. And this will we do, if God permit. I tell you, there are certain things that God will never permit a believer to say. He that hath
knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit. Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding  (Proverb 17: 27 – 28). A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snares of his soul (Proverb 18:7). Are you in Marah my brother? Please remove from there right now! One of the practical ways of getting out of Marah is to meet those who grieved you and settle your differences.  May God help you as you do  so.                                                               

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